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Maintenance and service of sand making machine
Data:2015-05-04  Author:Yifan Machinery

Sand making machine is a quite important mechanical equipment in sand production line,it is also an equipment with higher consumption,as for the wear problem,many people simply ascribe it to the quality of sand making machine, actually it is because of improper operation during using process,only you pay more attention to the maintenance and service of sand making machine,sand making machine can be used to its fullest potential and prolong its service life,thus effectively solve the tension status in gravel and aggregates fields.Yifan machinery will introduce the maintenance knowledge of sand making machine below.

sand making machine

Bearings are the most easily damaged parts,carrying out most of the load and consumption of the machine operation.So we must use high quality lubricants and keep it clean at all times,if the lubricating oil not clean,it will also increase the abrasion between bearings and other components,in addition,the temperature  of the bearings shouldn't be too high,otherwise it will decline the running speed and working efficiency,thus affect the normal working of the machine.

Tensioning force of sand making machine transmission v-belt should be equal to ensure uniform v-belt load,when driven by two motors,v-belt grouping should be optional on both sides,the length of each group as homogeneous as possible.

Further more,long time friction between the transmission gear will also affect the life span of the machine.Lubricant oil mentioned above is also an important factor in maintenance and service .

In addition,it is necessary to periodically shut down and open access doors to observe sand making machine wear parts,center feed tube,liner plate on the impeller,and condition of the wear parts.if there is some part wear out,it should be replaced or repaired timely,while replacing the wear blocks,you should ensure every blocks weighs the same.

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