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How to prolong the life of jaw crusher in the sand production line
Data:2015-01-14  Author:Yifan Machinery

Jaw crusher is the most commonly used equipment in crushing equipment,and it has been known for its stable performance,strong crushing ratio.Jaw crusher is mainly used for all kinds of ores and medium - size bulk materials broken,and is widely used in various types of sand production line.

sand production line

In the operation of use, people must pay attention to the daily maintenance and regular examine and repair in order to  ensure the normal operation of sand production line. Because  work condition of the jaw crusher is very bad, and wear problems of the equipment is inevitable. After equipment wear, its maintain and repair can prolong the service life of equipment.

The safe operation steps of jaw crusher is: the operation staff of the machine shall be subject to security personnel education.It is strictly prohibited to peep inside when the machine works.It is strictly prohibited to make any adjustment, cleaning or maintenance work when themachine works. strictly forbid to directly in the crushing cavity. Handling or remove materisls directly by hand in the crushering cavity are also prohibited. Electrical equipment connected to the machine, and the wire load in the insulation pipe.

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