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Belt Converyor
Data:2013-09-27  Author:Yifan Machinery
Belt Converyor Overview

belt converyor

Belt conveyor produced by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., widely used in cement, mining, metallurgy, chemical, foundry, building materials and other industries as well as the transportation and production lines hydropower station construction sites and port and other production departments which is sand production line necessary equipment.

Belt Converyor Features

Weighing the material on said frame for weight measurements to determine the weight of material on the belt.mounted on the end of the digital speed sensor continuously measure the speed of the feeder,which is proportional to the feeder speed.speed signal and the weight signal input feeder controller a microprocessor for processing, generating and displaying the cumulative amount/instantaneous flow. The flow rate is compared with the set flow rate, controlled by the control signal meter output conveyor belt, enabling dosing requirements.

Belt conveyor Category:
1.belt curves
2.climbing belt conveyor
3.straight belt conveyor
4.a special belt conveyor (45 degrees belt, fan belt, etc.)
5.light belt conveyor
6.a narrow belt conveyor
7.telescopic belt conveyor
8.loading and unloading belt conveyor
9.the conveyor belt


Belt Converyor Technical Data
Belt Width(mm) Belt Length(m) ----Power(m/w) Conveyor speed(m/s) Capacity(t/h)
400 0~12--1.5 12~20--2.2~4 20~25--4~7.5 1.3~1.6 40~80
500 0~12--3 12~20--4~5.5 20~30--5.5~7.5 1.3~1.6 78~191
650 0~12--4 12~20--5.5 20~30--7.5~11 1.3~1.6 131~323
800 0~6--4 6~15--5.5 15~30--7.5-15 1.3~1.6 278~546
1000 0~10--5.5 10~20--7.5~11 20~40--11~22 1.3~2.0 435~853
1200 0~10--7.5 10~20--11 20~40--15~30 1.3~2.0 655~1284
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