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Powder Separator
Data:2013-09-27  Author:Yifan Machinery
Powder Separator Overview

Capacity :20-100.
Adapt materials: all kinds of stone.
Applications: used for chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, mining, coal, metallurgy industry pipeline operations

Powder Separator

CXFL Series Powder Separators usually called powder concentrator. It is based on American technology, and is an ideal equipment to separate powder (≤0.075mm) from manufactured sand for dry way. It is very easy to control the powder ingredient of manufactured and meet different requirments of the clients.


Powder Separator Features

1.the particle size distribution is concentrated,particle size distribution more reasonable,3μm-30μm particles increased significantly,product quality has improved significantly.
2.easy to operate,easy to adjust the fineness.
3.easy to wear parts designed to wear protection,small amount of maintenance,long life of equipment. saving,the system unit power consumption than traditional ring flow system was reduced by 30 percent.
5.can yield 60-80%,separator efficiency as high as 85-90%.
6.easy installation,wind turbine equipped with a vibration damping base,can be directly used steel frame.
7.low investment,easy operation and maintenance,especially for the old plant transformation.
8.separator work in slightly negative pressure,no dust leakage,the production environment improved.

Powder Separator Technical Data
Model Capacity(t/h) Fan Power(KW) Motor Power(KW) Major Axis Speed(r/min)
CXFL-2000 20-35 30 11 190-380
CXFL-3000 30-45 37 15 150-350
CXFL-3500 45-55 55 18.5 130-320
CXFL-4000 55-75 90 30 120-280
CXFL-5000 75-100 132 55 120-280
Note:Capacities are relative to physical character and type of feeding,feeding size and composition and so on.
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